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Exhibition round-up & a New Painting


Well, I’m back from the seaside!  The exhibition, The Enchanted Earth, finished last week at the Aldeburgh Gallery.

I had some painting sales and sold lots of cards.  I spent the Bank Holiday weekend sitting in the window working on a new painting and talking to people who came in, which was nice.

Here are a few photos I took during the week:

The painting I was working on is now complete:

painting by Deborah Eileen Burrow

The Approaching Storm ©Deborah Eileen Burrow 2012

I’m now taking a well earned rest this week, and then I’ll be back in the studio with some fresh ideas for some new paintings.

Back soon with something to show you 🙂



Fancy a trip to the seaside?


For one week only, The Aldeburgh Gallery, on the Suffolk Coast,  is proud and excited to display a selection of artworks by Deborah Eileen Burrow themed, “The Enchanted Earth”.  There will be brand new artworks, alongside some favourites,  featuring her autumnal trees and white birches.

How exciting!

The exhibition name, Enchanted Earth, has come from a solo show I did back in 2009 in the depths of winter.  That show was poorly attended due to excessive amounts of snow.  So we’ve decided to use the name again.

I’ve been busy this week finishing some brand new paintings for this solo show.  Here is one of them:

Morning Light 2, original painting by Deborah Eileen Burrow

Morning Light 2 ©Deborah Eileen Burrow 2012

Click on the picture to see a sharper image…

I’m really pleased with how this painting turned out.  It is based upon a large painting I did in 2010.  I was going to put a stag in that painting, but decided against it.  This time I thought I’d put a pair of deer in, and it has worked really well.

You can keep up with the other new paintings here

Here is the flyer with all the details you need to get to the Enchanted Earth exhibition:


PS Also had a fab day on Wednesday meeting up for a cuppa with fellow artists Megan Chapman & Stuart Bremner in London.  Megan lives in Arkansas, and Stuart lives in Edinburgh, so it was a rare treat to meet up.  Wonderful it was too – really nice people.

A Walk Around the Exhibition


This Easter weekend I am taking a much needed breather after last week’s exhibition, “Dad & Daughter”.

I am happy to report I sold 2 paintings, and so did Dad.  We also sold lots of cards and postcards featuring our artworks too.  The guestbook has some lovely comments in as well ☺

Here are a few snapshots of the exhibition:

Here is a walk round video taken on the 2nd day. Enjoy!

Busy in the studio – and I love it!


Well, life has been very busy this last few weeks.  With many projects on the go, my work has been cut out!  I am still networking a lot and finding this a very positive way of promoting myself, as people get to meet me in person as an artist.

I have also been preparing for the exhibition with my dad too – the flyers arrived today, and I’m working through all the artworks I want to be ready by then.  Here are a couple of new ones to show you:


Good Friends 4 ©Deborah Eileen Burrow 2012

woodland with heron

The Twilight Heron ©Deborah Eileen Burrow 2012

These will both be on show at the following upcoming exhibition:

deborah eileen burrow exhibition 2012

I have also booked another exhibition for the autumn in Bury St Edmunds at the Lounge Cafe for 6weeks starting 8th September.  This will be a joint show with Susan Miller.

I’ve also been approached by The Aldeburgh Gallery, on the beautiful Suffolk Coast,  to do a solo show in Spring 2013 which is very exciting.  Always nice to have a show in the diary for next year!

I’ve also been chatting with my mentor, Katie Millard, about doing an exhibition together.  Our theme will be birds, so I have been experimenting with a loose watercolour style.  Katie will concentrate on coastal birds whilst I will coax out some paintings of inland birds.

So, lots going on!

More news soon 🙂

Solo Exhibition


At last I have an exhibition in Ipswich, Suffolk!  It will be for the whole of July 2011 in a lovely part of town – down by the water in an old brewery.  This show will feature my illustrations, watercolours and one or two acrylic on canvas.  I have been doing some illustrations that are pertinent to the Brewery Tap.  I will be putting them online soon at my Flickr account if you wish to see them and/or reserve them.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/deboraheburrow

New Artworks this week


Just a quick update to show you some pieces of artwork I have completed since the New Year.
The following painting was inspired by a fellow Flickr contact – Dogmarten Photography. He takes photos around Suffolk and one particular one stood out before Christmas. I asked for his permission to use the photo as inspiration for a new painting, and he kindly agreed. Here is the completed painting:


Peaceful Snow ©Deborah Eileen Burrow 2011


I have also been doing some black and white ink drawings. These drawings started as designs for my pyrography works. I decided to put black pen to Bristol board and have a play!

You talking to me? ©Deborah Eileen Burrow 2011

I Know You're There © Deborah Eileen Burrow 2011

The Journey of Love 2 ©Deborah Eileen Burrow 2011

So a happy start to my creativity this year!

Other news:  My website host 110mb has been really unreliable recently, so I have moved all my pages (with a little tweaking) to a new host…wordpress.com.  In fact its all here on different pages (see menu to the top right).  I quite like having it all in one place now. It means that you can go straight to the pages if you type in www.deboraheileenburrow.co.uk but also read the blog if you fancy it! Happy Days!

Enjoy your browse 🙂

See you next time.