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Exhibition round-up & a New Painting


Well, I’m back from the seaside!  The exhibition, The Enchanted Earth, finished last week at the Aldeburgh Gallery.

I had some painting sales and sold lots of cards.  I spent the Bank Holiday weekend sitting in the window working on a new painting and talking to people who came in, which was nice.

Here are a few photos I took during the week:

The painting I was working on is now complete:

painting by Deborah Eileen Burrow

The Approaching Storm ©Deborah Eileen Burrow 2012

I’m now taking a well earned rest this week, and then I’ll be back in the studio with some fresh ideas for some new paintings.

Back soon with something to show you 🙂



So here we are…


It’s a few weeks post exhibition, and to be honest I’ve had the expected low.  I can only describe it as a transition period between the high of the successful exhibition and the starting of new work.  I’ve been itching to get back to the easel, which is wonderful, but its been frustrating and fragmented.  So I have to remember to be patient with myself, and ease myself back into working on new pieces gently. It’s the space between comfortably working on the last series, and the beginning of a new series and the decisions and trials involved.  It’s constantly on my mind and I am wrestling with decisions and trying out new techniques.  I did go camping after the exhibition for 2 nights and I did unwind successfully there, but I was still photographing inspirational things…the fruits of which are still to come.

Right now I have decided to do a series of British Hare paintings.  I have started a large one (70x50cm) on Tintoretto Wood Panel – really nice to work on.  Here is a photo of the first phase on the easel in my studio:

Hare Painting in Progress

Hare Painting in Progress ©Deborah Eileen Burrow 2010

On the easel next to the Painting is my sketch book which I filled with new ideas during a few quiet moments whilst curating the exhibition.  I’ve planned 3 paintings of Hares, and 2 new tree paintings.  When I spent time in the studio last night I found 4 paintings half-finished that require attention too.  Trouble with half-finished paintings is that I’ve lost the drive and intention that I must have had with these paintings, so I am approaching them from a different place within now.  This can have a positive or negative outcome that will be better or worse than the original idea, so these are a challenge in themselves.  Watch this space!!

Meanwhile, the heat here is outstanding – we are in an official heat wave.  Yesterday the garden thermometer said 30 degrees C in the shade.  That’s a rare occurence here in the UK!  So that is playing havoc with paint drying times and the fans on full power make it even worse!  Air conditioning would be so welcome right now.  The car’s AC isn’t working right now either so I’m moving about as little as possible!!

5 weeks today I get married.  Such a special event that I am really looking forward to.   I told myself  I’d take a break from the easel after the exhibition through to mid September.  Somehow that’s not possible – the drive to paint is so strong!  So perhaps what is happening to me is that I’m wrestling with this creative desire over above the need to take a break.  Perhaps I’m too hard on myself….

Of course I can’t complain – I have the job I love and the space to choose whether to work or take a break.  But the mind of an artist is not a quiet one!

I must share my purchase with you – an inspirational and beautiful piece of fabric art made my Val Harrowven.  I am talking to her about etsy.com right now.  She dyes her own fabrics and then makes quilts, wall hanging and more:

©Val Harrowven

Its a lovely piece.  It hangs where I can see it when working on my laptop.

‘Til next time – hopefully by then my mind will be more settled 🙂

Now its time for:

♥Artist in Focus♥

Lewis Noble – atmospheric paintings inspired by the diverse landscapes of England, Scotland, Wales and France. Creating clear, defined bodies of work, he explores his chosen subject through changing emotions, movement, light & colour.

Landscape Lichen and Barbed Wire © Lewis Noble

You can find more about Lewis and his work at: