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Fancy a trip to the seaside?


For one week only, The Aldeburgh Gallery, on the Suffolk Coast,  is proud and excited to display a selection of artworks by Deborah Eileen Burrow themed, “The Enchanted Earth”.  There will be brand new artworks, alongside some favourites,  featuring her autumnal trees and white birches.

How exciting!

The exhibition name, Enchanted Earth, has come from a solo show I did back in 2009 in the depths of winter.  That show was poorly attended due to excessive amounts of snow.  So we’ve decided to use the name again.

I’ve been busy this week finishing some brand new paintings for this solo show.  Here is one of them:

Morning Light 2, original painting by Deborah Eileen Burrow

Morning Light 2 ©Deborah Eileen Burrow 2012

Click on the picture to see a sharper image…

I’m really pleased with how this painting turned out.  It is based upon a large painting I did in 2010.  I was going to put a stag in that painting, but decided against it.  This time I thought I’d put a pair of deer in, and it has worked really well.

You can keep up with the other new paintings here

Here is the flyer with all the details you need to get to the Enchanted Earth exhibition:


PS Also had a fab day on Wednesday meeting up for a cuppa with fellow artists Megan Chapman & Stuart Bremner in London.  Megan lives in Arkansas, and Stuart lives in Edinburgh, so it was a rare treat to meet up.  Wonderful it was too – really nice people.

Where am I?


Well, British Summer Time has just begun.  It snuck  up on me and surprised me after a fabulous social night out and staying up late.  When I woke from my lay-in this morning, I was personally impressed that I felt ok after 5 hours sleep.  Then when I left my friends’ to go home she declared that it was really X o clock!  That was a shock!!  But I welcomed the extra hour of sunshine this evening!  On my drive home I saw numerous cherry trees in blossom and magnolias about to burst open their buds.

So where am I in my artworks?

I am in that wierd place of nearly ready for the upcoming exhibition in 9weeks.  I have lots of work ready and some work half done and some works waiting to come to fruition.  I’ve also been having loose visions of how I wish my unstarted works to be when finished and I daydream my way through the processes.  Ideas are forming, and slowing evolving into something I can get a hold of that I can reproduce as a painting.

I am happy with my tree paintings – they mostly consist of a lovely abstract backround with more detail in the foreground – my favourite so far of this is this one:


The Midnight Tree ©Deborah Eileen Burrow 2010


I am now sketching out plans for new painting of barns that are dotted around the Suffolk landscape.  I want to approach this is much the same way as my tree paintings, but I aim to be a little looser and make them more engaging with the use of colour and light.  These ideas are still forming in my head.  I’m on the brink of panicking as I need more new work for the show and for the gallery who represents me, but I don’t want to rush this process.  Of course, in the wierd place I can’t concentrate on the half finished paintings very well because my creative head is elsewhere!!


But this is all part of the painting process, and I feel that this place I am in will be significant for my coming works, so I am trying to be patient.

So, no new works to show you, but some to be revealed soon. 🙂

Meanwhile I have had a few commissions come in through my online shop at etsy, for customised wooden art pieces that I decorate using pyrography, and that keeps me busy for short periods while I’m formulating my new works on canvas.

Finally, I am also keeping disciplined and patient with the advanced watercolour class I am attending.  It’s very challenging but I’m enjoying it immensely.  I have 4 more weeks to go – its only 2 and a half hours a lesson, but my brain is frazzled after and I need a cup of tea break!

That’s all for this week.  Now its time for:

♥ Artist in Focus ♥

This time I’d like to share with you a few of my top blogs that read every week.  They are inspiring, encouraging, informative and interesting ..plus I love their artwork!!

Challenges and Community


Hello again.

I’m still busy making progress with my body of work for the upcoming exhibition.   I still have 2 large paintings to complete and some varnishing to do and I think I’m just about done.  I’m happy with my work this year.  I can see it evolving as the months go on.  As I’ve said before, I am being challenged in many ways, and I think the challenges are having the positive effects they were meant to – I am concentrating better and my interpretations are resulting in more striking works.

At this point I’d like to share with you a painting in progress:

"Morning Light" (in progress) ©Deborah Eileen Burrow 2010

"Morning Light" (in progress) ©Deborah Eileen Burrow 2010

I am really happy with this painting and I think it will be the focus in my next exhibition.  I’ll post my progress in the next blog.

Meanwhile, my contribution to the Bury Fringe Festival has now become public.  I can finally show you the beer label design I was commissioned for a special brew for the Festival.  The subject was decided by the organiser, and I shared a few sketches with her before I proceeded.  It was a challenge – not my normal style of painting, but I think I’ve managed to retain an element of my own artistic thumbprint, particularly with the red trees!

Special Beer Label Painting for Bury Fringe ©Deborah Eileen Burrow 2010

The organisers of the Festival were thrilled with the result, and that makes me happy.  Check out their website

Over the last few months I have been concentrating on my smaller works.  My online store now has 46 items in stock and there is FREE SHIPPING on EVERYTHING for the foreseeable future.  I am really quite happy with these little pieces of artwork in the shop – there are lots of bright and collectable items that are just waiting for the right home.  I ship internationally too and you can easily convert the prices to your currency using this site.  I also take commissions and I am happy to chat with my customers to make sure I can provide the best I can offer.

Online Store Shop Front April 2010

Visit the shop

I just like to finish by saying that I am very grateful for all of your support.  I am having a great time as an artist, and I’m very happy to be meeting lots of different people and artists here on the internet and in my own region at various events.   Its nice to know there is a healthy community for artists and I don’t know where I’d be without it. 🙂

Now its time for:

♥ Artist in Focus ♥

Megan Chapman

International abstract visual artist and photographer  living and working in Arkansas, USA.  I love her work – it always evokes an emotional response from me.  She is a wonderful artist with a great eye for colour and contrast.  Megan also has a strong work ethic and relationship with her collectors and followers.

See more at http://meganchapman.com and follow her blog at http://meganchapman.blogspot.com

Sometimes ©Megan Chapman 2010