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A Wonderful Testimonial


I’ve had an enjoyable experience working on “Earlwood” the commissioned painting for a lovely lady called Angela.

She has been kind enough to send me some photographs of the painting in situ, and has written me a wonderful testimonial which I shall now share with you.

“I have known Debs for over twenty years but not in the context of her life as an artist.  I bumped into her by chance and, over coffee, she told me about her painting. What a good day that turned out to be.  From that accidental meeting I ended up commissioning Earlwood.  Debs was great at crystallising my rather incoherent thoughts and ideas about what I wanted in the painting and delivered the completed work within a couple of months.  As the painting developed Debs kept me informed of its progress, consulted me frequently and made me feel included in its creation. With each update, I became increasingly excited and have to admit to feeling pretty emotional when I saw the finished painting. Debs’ passion for colour is obvious and yet the vibrancy of the palette does not detract from the overall sense of tranquillity of the garden.  I love that Debs experimented so successfully with copper leaf for the orchard and appreciate the care she took with every detail – she even told me which were her favourite two apples!  The brief was to evoke an impression of the garden which Debs has done but, at the same time she has incorporated faithful details of parts of the garden such as the summer house and the shapes of the trees which are instantly recognisable.  I am absolutely delighted with “Earlwood” – It’s everything I had hoped for and more.  It has been a pleasure to have Debs paint this for me and the photo book she gave me of the work in progress will be treasured as much as the painting itself.”


Many thanks to Angela for the photos and the lovely words.  It has been a pleasure working with you on this project. 🙂