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Exhibition round-up & a New Painting


Well, I’m back from the seaside!  The exhibition, The Enchanted Earth, finished last week at the Aldeburgh Gallery.

I had some painting sales and sold lots of cards.  I spent the Bank Holiday weekend sitting in the window working on a new painting and talking to people who came in, which was nice.

Here are a few photos I took during the week:

The painting I was working on is now complete:

painting by Deborah Eileen Burrow

The Approaching Storm ©Deborah Eileen Burrow 2012

I’m now taking a well earned rest this week, and then I’ll be back in the studio with some fresh ideas for some new paintings.

Back soon with something to show you 🙂



Fancy a trip to the seaside?


For one week only, The Aldeburgh Gallery, on the Suffolk Coast,  is proud and excited to display a selection of artworks by Deborah Eileen Burrow themed, “The Enchanted Earth”.  There will be brand new artworks, alongside some favourites,  featuring her autumnal trees and white birches.

How exciting!

The exhibition name, Enchanted Earth, has come from a solo show I did back in 2009 in the depths of winter.  That show was poorly attended due to excessive amounts of snow.  So we’ve decided to use the name again.

I’ve been busy this week finishing some brand new paintings for this solo show.  Here is one of them:

Morning Light 2, original painting by Deborah Eileen Burrow

Morning Light 2 ©Deborah Eileen Burrow 2012

Click on the picture to see a sharper image…

I’m really pleased with how this painting turned out.  It is based upon a large painting I did in 2010.  I was going to put a stag in that painting, but decided against it.  This time I thought I’d put a pair of deer in, and it has worked really well.

You can keep up with the other new paintings here

Here is the flyer with all the details you need to get to the Enchanted Earth exhibition:


PS Also had a fab day on Wednesday meeting up for a cuppa with fellow artists Megan Chapman & Stuart Bremner in London.  Megan lives in Arkansas, and Stuart lives in Edinburgh, so it was a rare treat to meet up.  Wonderful it was too – really nice people.

Say Hello to “Archie”


"Archie" ©Deborah Eileen Burrow 2011

Archie was a pet portrait commission painting that I completed and delivered this month.

I haven’t been asked to do a pet portrait for many years, and as you know, my speciality is contemporary landscapes, so this made a nice change to my usual work.  I really enjoyed painting Archie’s portrait, and I am looking forward to doing some more pet portraits. Since doing this painting, I have had a commission request of a family portrait, and if that goes ahead, it looks like I will have a new challenge on my easel, which I am very happy about 🙂

Today I took one of my regular art sessions in Aldeburgh.  Here are some photos of today’s attendees:

Today’s session was all about getting a still life arrangement in proportion, studying the tonal values, and starting to fill in colour using the tonal value drawing as a reference alongside the colours in the still life fruit and veg.

It was a lot of fun, and quite a challenge for the group – I could tell they were concentrating hard as they had very quiet periods where I could have heard a pin drop!!

This weekend I will be completing two new paintings for a Christmas Exhibition, and then getting on with a new commission.

I love my art life! ☼

Thanks for reading, your continuing support and see you again soon!

Spring Fever


Well, I ‘ve had a very busy time recently with a commission, art donations, preparing for my upcoming exhibition, and on the receiving end of art career coaching and mentoring.  At last Spring has sprung and I am feeling the stirrings of energy – I really need it too!!

The commission was a beer label design, requested by the organisers of the Bury Fringe Festival .  They are having a beer brewed by the local brewers Bartrums Brewery, and wanted me to produce a painting exclusively for the label of that beer.  I am pleased to say that it has now been handed over and they are thrilled with it.  Unfortunately I can’t show you the image this week as it is still in the process of being photographed ready for print, and ready for press.  As soon as I can I will post it here.

Secondly the art donations.  I was approached about taking part in 2 fundraising events, independently,  in the latter part of 2009.    One of the events is now on – the Art Relief Show at the Peter Pears Gallery in Aldeburgh, raising money for St Elizabeth Hospice.  This was no mean feat where the organisers managed to find 100 artists from the region to each donate a painting.  I attended the private view and was very happy to witness my painting being sold first to a collector of mine who lives in Aldeburgh.

Amongst Friends ©Deborah Eileen Burrow 2009

My dad, who is also a good painter of realism landscapes, also donated a painting.  Dad has always been an artist, but hasn’t painted for about 20 years until the last few years.
The second fundraiser is also for St Elizabeth Hospice and starts 17 April where the art show will do a tour around East Suffolk until September.  The show is called Suffolk Coastal Deckchairs and features artists works onto deckchair canvases.  Something very different, but very interesting to do and I am happy with the way the painting turned out.

A Moonlit Evening ©Deborah Eileen Burrow 2009

As I mentioned in my last post, I am working with a coach to help with my art career and business.  It has immensely rewarding and it has really boosted my self-confidence and skills.  One of the things I have worked on is setting time aside for painting & drawing practise.  I made myself a committment to attend Life Drawing Classes and have now been 4 times.  At last I feel ready to show you some of the work:

©Deborah Eileen Burrow 2010

©Deborah Eileen Burrow

©Deborah Eileen Burrow

©Deborah Eileen Burrow

©Deborah Eileen Burrow

One of the other things that came up during my coaching sessions was about my origins.  Where I get my influences from.  Of course, most of my inspiration is from the countryside I live in, or have visited.  However, there are artists who I love – their work and their work ethic.  So I have decided to have an “Artist in Focus” each time I blog and it will take form of a photo, a sentence or two and a link  at the end of each future blog post.
I have also had some wonderful, although challenging, mentoring from the lovely Katie Millard .  She has been great and made me paint with my left hand, with no shoes on, with a big brush and make marks without form or structure apart from how I’m feeling.  Phew!
Finally, prep for the upcoming exhibition at the Edmund Gallery, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk ~ 18-23 June 2010 ~ is going well.  I nearly have all the work done for it.  Just working on a final 3 paintings – 2 large and 1 medium size canvases.  Also working on a primed wood panel which if it comes out well, will be set floating in a frame.  I’ll show more as it is completed.  Susan Miller is also working on her paintings.  We are both working on the philosophy of  Toot Arts which will soon be up online.
So, there we go – lots of news and happenings!
Thanks for checking in and I’ll be back soon with more news.
Now its time for:
♥ Artist in Focus ♥
Donna Wallace
I found Donna on the internet just recently and I was thrilled to find her work also featured trees and paintings with the texture of tissue paper. I particularly love her “white tree” series.
Her works and her bio are on her website:
“Lone Stand Against All” ©Donna Wallace

Honoured to be involved…


January 2010: my studio in the snow

I love my artist’s life – I just don’t know what’s coming up next!  Most of this is down to networking.  I love to network in person, and most of my valuable connections have been from meeting people in real life.  Of course, I do also make many connections via the Internet, and it remains a constructive way of reaching out to the world and making myself known.

However, I have always found my most successful and valued associates have been through word of mouth.  It is through this that I have been asked to take part in many projects recently.  Two new ventures have come about and I have gladly agreed to take part.

The first is a design commission.  The Bury St Edmunds Fringe Festival 2010 (Suffolk UK) are having a special ale made for them by Bartrum’s Brewery .  This is an exciting addition to the festival.  Exciting for me too as the Fringe Festival Organisers have asked me to design the label for this special brew.   Its just lovely to be involved in such a local and lively event.  There’s also a possibility I will be taking a workshop or something similar on during the 2 week festival too.

The second is another local event.  Every Friday an art group meets in the Fairfield Centre, in Aldeburgh (Suffolk, UK) and they are a mixed group of local people painting in different media.  I went along for a visit and a chat with the group.  They were very welcoming and the leader has booked me in April to take a session.  They are after some structured art skill instruction.  I was very happy to oblige and I look forward to taking this session.

Both of these engagements have come about through people I have met.  The Bury Fringe Festival is being organised by a lady I know through the local music business.  We actually met at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London.  That is another story, but having lost touch for a long time, we bumped into each other a few years ago and became friends.    My contact in Aldeburgh came about through having a solo exhibition at the Cinema Gallery.  The Manager of the Cinema put me in touch with her sister – the lady who is on the committee for the Fairfield Centre.

So I have a busy schedule, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.  I am very grateful to my friends, acquaintances and ever growing list of contacts, for giving me information, new connections and opportunities to get involved.

On a creative note, I have just ordered myself a set of wooden panels to paint on for my upcoming exhibition in the Edmund Gallery.  I will be painting some more treescapes on these wooden panels.  I wanted to paint on something with a different textured surface.  I have painted on these before on smaller panels and these are in my online shop.

That’s all for now folks.  🙂